Dear Donna,

Donna is exceptionally knowledgeable, thorough, caring, considerate, and friendly. I had severe anemia, fatigue, and digestion problems. Before the doctors could find a probable cause/cure for the severe anemia and thus the fatigue, Donna had me functioning with supplements and dietary changes. Truly remarkable considering my lab results! She worked hard to find problem areas, and then worked hard to give me a plan of action which was doable and affordable for me. My family and I are most grateful for Donna and her work.

Bobbi in Arlington, VA


Dear Donna,

This is MR from California. You essentially saved my life when I was diagnosed with kidney failure two years ago, and I wanted to send a quick note of gratitude and update. California has been a nurturing and healing environment for me, particularly with regards to having family nearby. I am gradually gaining some strength and stamina, which have been two elusive things over the last two years.

An interesting area of progress relates to your suggestion to eliminate gluten, pork and chicken from my diet since I have Type-B blood. For the last two years, my eosinophil white blood cell count has been more than 25 (> 4 times higher than the maximum “normal” reading). My hematologist initially suspected leukemia, but test results did not agree. He reluctantly agreed that food allergies could contribute to high eosinophils and approved the plan to limit intake of gluten and other wheat products, pork, and chicken. In February, after one month of reduced gluten and pork, there was no change. In March, the blood count dropped below 25 for the first time in two years (to 23.2). Yesterday after three months of reduced gluten, the number was 18.8. This was a drop of 6 points total from the beginning of the year. I was astonished! Food is medicine and medicine is food!

It has taken me this long to implement your suggestion about gluten, and it looks like the results are profound. Thank you for haring your healthful knowledge and spirituality. I hope your own health is strong.

Peace and blessings,
MR, formerly Arlington, VA, now Fullerton, CA


Just a quick note to thank you for all the years you have helped me to stay healthy. I know I have complained about not liking to take pills, but I truly believe that without them and your guidance, I would not be in such good health. Whenever I have called or had a concern you have been there for me (with such patience) sharing you expertise and knowledge, your encouragement and your guidance. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago I believe it was because of my enhanced immune system that caused it to be so insignificant. I like to say it was just a blip and the radar screen of life! God has truly guided you into a career that in my view is a great service to so many. Bless you my friend!

C.B from Leesburg, VA


Donna has been an inspiration and motivator to live a healthier life. Her wealth of knowledge is amazing and I appreciate her willingness to share it with her clients. Her manner is always very professional and caring. I feel very at ease sharing information with her and always feel I am treated with the utmost of respect. She has helped me to feel better through natural elements and not more prescriptions.

Thank you,

D.H. Gastonia, N.C
Life Coach for Women


Donna has helped to both lower and control my blood pressure. Because of her advice and expertise in alternative medicine, I’m also no longer suffering from arthritic pain in my knees. Donna has a wealth of knowledge she generously shares with her clients and makes herself available to answer questions and assist in every possible way. I’m so thankful for her service.


C. P. Washington, DC

I’ve been working with Donna since 2007 following a cancer diagnosis. I have never, in my life, met anyone smarter or more caring than Donna. Together we are working to correct the underlying causes for the cancer. She has been a wonderful coach and teacher on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She cares about me and wants me to thrive. I am eternally in her debt. EM Arlington, Va

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They say that if you want to get better at something be around someone who is better or smarter than you.   Well I always thought I knew exactly how to take care of myself, . that is until I met Donna.  I’ve seen a number of natural health practitioners in my life but none of them ever gave me the feeling they genuinely cared about my health.  And when I realized I knew more about something than they did, I lost confidence in them.  But with Donna, every time I see her she shares something new she’s learned.  And she makes me feel as though I’m the reason she’s continually expanding her knowledge. In my opinion what separates her from the rest is that if she doesn’t know the answer she admits it AND knows where to find it. I can truly say that with her coaching I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been in my life. It’s the worlds loss there’s only one of her!

SP of Arlington, VA


“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Donna Mitchell since May of 2007. Her analysis of my health situation was on target, and the recommended treatment was excellent and worked as needed.  I highly recommend anyone dealing with a challenging health situation pay attention to anything said by Ms. Mitchell.

DM – North Carolina


After being recommended to Donna Mitchell by a good friend, I called her to set up an appointment. My conversation with her revealed a warm, caring personality and a strong background in medical knowledge. I arranged to see her as soon as possible. My medical history of recent years has included operations and cancer. The more I spoke with Donna the more I realized that this amazing woman was the key to my health that I had been searching for. She knew my medical history and I told her of many personal experiences which had placed me in a state of anxiety – especially since I now faced either chemotherapy or another operation. Donna was calm and reassuring.

She assured me that she would do all she could to help me conquer my next medical challenge. She carefully introduced me to nutritional solutions from her vast repertoire of medical knowledge and set up a daily regime for me.

I followed her advice exactly and at once began to feel better. I found I had more energy and confidence and a growing faith that my health would improve. This week my doctor wanted to do blood work again and that the results of this test would determine the actions that she and my oncologist would take. The next day I was writing this testimonial when she called: “All your blood work is normal and the cancer marker has reduced my 95%.”

I asked her to repeat that!!! She couldn’t explain it and the oncologist didn’t know what to make of it either!! But Donna and I knew that it was proof that nutritional support really does work!!!

My faith was strong and Donna’s faith was strong. Our prayers were answered! Please, let Donna and His Design For Health help you. You will be amazed.

SR  – Vienna, VA