What is an alternative health care practitioner? Alternative healthcare practitioners can use:

Different methods and principals in their practices. Here at His Design For Health we will only address what we do. Basically, we assess each client individually and seek the root of their problems as they may be experiencing, instead of addressing their symptoms. Once someone establishes patterns of behavior resulting in any particular symptom, the behavior can be addressed to change the outcome. We don’t treat symptoms or disease states. However, by establishing healthy habits of eating, sleeping, water consumption, fresh air and sunlight and eliminating as many unhealthy environmental factors possible, health improves. The one single most important factor everyone can control is our eating habits.

How long will it take for me to see results?

That depends on the individual, but a major factor will control this – cellular regeneration. Most cells will have an approximate cell life of 90-120 days before they die and are replaced with new cells. Whenever you start anything new for your body, you need to keep this factor in mind and give yourself at least three months, and ideally four months, to see the full effects of all cells replenishing themselves with the new agenda. Some people are so nutrient deprived that 25% of them will see some immediate results, others will see results in 60 days (50%), and the last category may take the full four months (25%). The bottom line is, it is not instant and things that promise instant results usually are not good for you. Natural healing takes time (120 days) to start feeling better as you are allowing the body to be nourished for it to heal itself once all the right components are present.

What is a healing crisis?

A healing crisis is when the body starts eliminating toxins at such a rapid rate that you can experience flu-like symptoms. At His Design For Health our goal is to not move your health or Terrain rapidly whereby you experience a healing crisis. However, you should understand the possibility of feeling worse before you feel better as toxins are eliminated can be relative to an individual.

How do I know if I need to detox?

Again at His Design For Health we approach everyone individually. Some people are so unhealthy; to detox them would cause them to have a healing crisis. In such a case, this type of person would need to be nourished to make their body stronger before we can start to detox them. Everyone is bombarded everyday with toxins infood (pesticides, herbicides and others), water (chlorine, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), heavy metals (Mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, copper, nickel and others) and Trihalomethanes (Bromoform, Chloroform and others), skin/health/beauty products (parabens, sodium laurel sulfates and others), indoor air (off-gassing of paint, pressed board, carpets, furniture, asbestos) and household cleaning products.

How will you determine what methods will be used to reach my goals?

Everyone is an individual with different needs, goals, resources, self control, and the ability to execute instructions due to lifestyle and responsibilities. I work with you the individual, taking into consideration your unique situation so that there is not a one-size fits all approach. My success is only as good as your willingness to do your part so I need to know all the details so we may work together. It’s a good idea for everyone to do a total body cleansing and detox, at a minimum once a year, but sometimes more often depending on one’s lifestyle and exposures. It’s a lot easier to keep someone healthy rather than to try to reverse damage after years of abuse to our bodies. God created our bodies to heal themselves when giving the right tools.   Book an Appointment