Below are a variety of products I recommend, use, and believe in. Please click on the links to view more on each company’s website and let me know if you have any questions.

ASEA – Redox Signaling Molecules

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Berkey Water Purifiers from New Millennium Concepts

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Daily Manufacturing, INC

Empirical Laboratories

  • Complete whole food made exclusively for those trained in Biological Terrain


*liquid nutrients in structured water and over 80 more products 

  • *VIBE
  • EFAcor – Omega 3 Fatty acids-distilled purity fish oil
  • *Liquid Magnesium
  • *Flex – Glucosamine, Chondrotin, MSN


Himalayan Salt Lamps

Isagenix® Nutritional Cleansing Products

  • 9 day or 30-day cleanses for ultimate nutritional cleansing

Juice Plus®

  • Juice Plus – Orchard Blend & Garden Blend provide 17 different fruits , vegetables and grains in convenient capsule form: apples, oranges, pineapple, cranberries, peaches, acerola cherries, papaya, carrots, parsley, beets, kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, rice bran and oat fibers, tested to ensure no pesticides, herbicides or other contaminants. Water, sugar and salt removed.
  • Vineyard Blend – nine varieties of berries and grapes in convenient capsule form: blueberry, blackberry, bilberry, raspberry, cranberry, elderberry, black current, red current, Concord grape

Longevity Plus

  • Beyond Fiber
  • Bio-Energy C
  • ACZ Zeolite
  • ACS Advanced
  • Cellular Silver

Morinda (formerly Tahitian Noni) –  The one good thing™

  • Skin Care with Tepoema™ – Facial care, masks, exfoliation, skin renovation and more-demonstrations available for your home
  • Moea Spa products – hair, body washes, soufflés, body scrubs, body butters etc.
  • Tahitian Noni Juice and Fiber
  • HIRO drinks for joints, immune support, weight loss and energy-caffeine free
  • TP plan 40-Tahitian Plan 40 for weight loss of women over 40
  • Equine and dog supplements
  • Noni Gourmet Foods



Passion 4 Life Vitamins

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  • Get Clean – Going green, getting clean and safe for you, your family and the environment and saves money too! Each Get Clean Starter kit keeps 108 pounds of packaging waste out of landfills, eliminates 248 pounds of greenhouse gas and is the environmental equivalent of planting 10 trees!
  • Vitalizer – 80 optimized clinically proven nutrients with SMART™ (Shaklee Micronutrient Advanced Release Technology-three formulas men, women and over Gold for everybody 50+
  • Cinch Inch Loss weight loss Plan
  • Nutraferon® – exclusive patented formula using potent-yet-safe phytonutrient blend to increase interferon naturally for Immune support
  • Defend & Resist – when you first feel the need for immune help
  • OmegaGuard – omega 3 purified and distilled fatty acids

Standard Process by special order


    • Enzalase – Digestive Enzymes
    • Theralac® – high potency Probiotics
    • Tru-Fiber – soluble fiber – stimulates Probiotics with Inulin, no grit, taste and dissolves fast and clear
    • Tru-Flora – Probiotic specific for Candida infections

Wisdom Of the Ages

  • Advantage Liquid Concentrate (ALC)
  • BAC
  • Sinus advantage
  • Eye Bright
  • Toxi Cleanse


Vollara (formerly Ecoquest) – International Fresh Air Products 

  • Fresh Air (3000 sq ft)
  • Ecobox (1500 sq ft)
  • Fresh-Air to Go for cars and hotel rooms
  • Buddy Personal Air Purifier
  • Fresh Air Focus (50 sq ft)

ZeroPoint Global Energy rebalancing


What to Do in Case of Emergency such as earthquake, flood, or any interruption of power: