What exactly does that mean, His Design For Health?

It simply means going back to the way God created our body to function in all of the intricate detail that man is unlikely to ever improve upon.

In a day and age where we are constantly bombarded with artificial and genetically altered food, unnatural sweeteners and flavor enhancers, and toxic chemicals that are used on our bodies and in our homes. Our health is starting to deteriorate day by day.

I promise to help you on your journey to optimum health through assessment of your daily habits to determine any physiological imbalances that affect your body’s ability to heal itself. Even by using your Lab Corp Results we can determine how you compare to 5,000 of the healthiest athletes as opposed to “normal values” used for sick people.   Then I will coach you to better choices by introducing to you methods and techniques you may not be aware even exist.

Through wise choices you can attain relief from the fear of sickness and debilitating illnesses that seem to be increasing every day despite living in the one of the most advanced countries of health care.

I can show you how to return to a simpler life style that includes clean air, fresh water, nutritious food, the proper rest for your body, relaxation techniques and the appropriate exercise that will enhance your body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself.

Not everyone can conform to a one size fits all preventative health program. We all have to take responsibility for our day to day choices and lifestyle, but maybe you don’t make the best choices out of lack of knowledge, lack of encouragement or someone to help you. I am not a medical doctor, neither do I diagnose diseases or make claims of quick cures for anything.

What I do is design a manageable program for your specific needs to help you achieve optimum health. The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is rooted in the fact that it is much easier and far less costly to prevent the current conditions of our health rather than reversing them.

You do have a choice to live healthier and happier, the way you were created to live! I will do my part, are you willing to do yours?

In today’s changing demands and our health care choices up in the air as to what will be required, what will be covered and how to get the most out of our system, I choose to teach people to be well! We all get information on flu, vaccines, prescription medications for various problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, lack of energy, depression and the list goes on and on.

There are so many things that we do in our daily lifestyle choices that are causative factors in many of our health outcomes. How about we learn to get back to the basics of the way God intended our body to work, and not put our bodies through the challenges that many times result in dis-ease?!

His Design For Health, LLC is a private health coaching service that will change your life from the inside out using primarily food as medicine and lifestyle changes. If you want to see what a personal service that is unique to your bio-individuality can do for your life, contact me.

We can start our journey of information that teaches you where the land mines are in your everyday life and choices and how to maneuver around the toxic world we live in so you don’t have to live in a bubble!

Whether you are healthy and want to stay that way or have already been diagnosed with an illness, I can help you obtain the health you want and need to live life to the fullest. My goal is for all of my clients to live life fast and full and to die in their sleep not on ten medications a day in a nursing home or assisted living.

Please note: Working with me usually consists or 2-3 session and requires a year-long private membership into ourcoalition.org so that I may track and coach your progress.  You will also have access to all your health records, supplements, schedule, food journal, numbers, etc… anytime you need it. The fee to join ourcoalition.org is $20 a year.

If you are willing to do your work, I will do mine to help you obtain the best health ever! I do not work with public programs, all of my coaching and advice is kept private,  so to use any of my services you need to sign up for the coalition site www.ourcoalition.org.  Please see the YouTube for instructions.

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Disclaimer: I am not a physician, do not diagnosis, prescribe or treat illnesses. I coach and teach you to obtain the best health ever!