Lab work is a necessary part of diagnoses and figuring out what your body is going through. But if you don’t have insurance, hospital prices can be astronomical.

I am able to order your lab work through Lab Corp using my account with Life Extension as a lab wholesaler. The paperwork will be mailed to you after payment to me and the results can be emailed to either you or to me.

I can also assist with the analysis of blood work and with in-depth software analysis that compares your numbers to 5,000 top world athletes.

Typical blood work is compared to a reference name of numbers of the population – sick people – meaning being in the “normal” range can solely mean you are one wrong number away from “sick.” As a laboratory professional, I have seen lab normal values changed to reflect the “reference range” as related to the health of our nation changing. Take a look around you, are the people you are being compared to in optimum health or managing on fast food, coffee, medications and sedentary lifestyles? This is not the range you want to be compared!

Through unique Blood Chemistry Analysis Software I can look at your lab work as it compares to healthy, strong athletes, and give you a real gage of your health and wellness.

This technology is the only Blood Chemistry Analysis Software Program Based EXCLUSIVELY on Dr. Weatherby’s Pioneering Work In the Field Of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.

It provides an in depth look at your health compared to truly healthy individuals and puts the results in YOUR hands. We can then work together on your journey to health.

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