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Have you ever wanted to ask your body exactly where it is “off” and exactly what it needs?
Think beyond traditional lab testing and consider the Cyberscan Biofeedback System. This mind-body system will help you to manage and reduce stress and empower yourself to make critical lifestyle changes that will result in a better sense of well-being, state of mind and overall health. The sessions give a rapid and noninvasive health assessment with immediate individualized balancing plan biologically matched to you.


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What exactly does that mean, His Design For Health?

It simply means going back to the way God created our body to function in all of the intricate detail that man is unlikely to ever improve upon.

In a day and age where we are constantly bombarded with artificial and genetically altered food, unnatural sweeteners and flavor enhancers, and toxic chemicals that are used on our bodies and in our homes. Our health is starting to deteriorate day by day.

I promise to help you on your journey to optimum health through assessment of your daily habits to determine any physiological imbalances that affect your body’s ability to heal itself. Even by using your Lab Corp Results we can determine how you compare to 5,000 of the healthiest athletes as opposed to “normal values” used for sick people.   Then I will coach you to better choices by introducing to you methods and techniques you may not be aware even exist.

Through wise choices you can attain relief from the fear of sickness and debilitating illnesses that seem to be increasing every day despite living in the one of the most advanced countries of health care.

I can show you how to return to a simpler lifestyle that includes clean air, fresh water, nutritious food, the proper rest for your body, relaxation techniques and the appropriate exercise that will enhance your body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself.